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How to Identify Different Types of Vacuum Tubes

Vacuum tubes are tubes that air has been extracted therefore creating a space called a vacuum, which fills the tube. The vacuum tube is filled with electrodes which are used to control electricity flow. Vacuum tubes are used in different appliances including radios, telephones, televisions, and computers. The size of a vacuum tube is large which does not fit the modern computing equipment available which has greatly led to decrease in their usage. Due to the size of the vacuum tubes, they are majorly used today in equipment that needs high-end audios. Discussed below are ways of distinguishing different vacuum tubes.

Different tubes are used for different purposes making this particular tube 6DJ8 to be used specifically for televisions and other industrial equipment. This vacuum tube is used in places where low volume is required as it is made in a way that the noise produced is low.

Due to its ability to produce low noise, it is mostly used in guitars It is ideal for maintaining the tone and shaping it giving one the ability to control themselves. To get the best result, the correct tube must be used in guitars to produce clear tones of which swapping the vacuum tubes will lead to a difference in the outcome. 6SL7 can be used in place of vacuum tube 12AX7. As much as they can be used in place of 12AX7, 6SL7 has a note that is higher than the rest.

KT88 is another type of vacuum tube that has high power which is good for hi-fi amps. It can withstand high voltage because it uses high power without getting damaged. This kind of tube produces rock sound that makes it to be known.

6V6 is a form of 6L6 but in a reduced form and has been used for a long time. This type of tube has quite a low volume making it to be mostly used in preamps. These tubes are mostly used for marshal amps because of their low power usage.

To get the best of blues and rocks, EL84 would be ideal because of its excellent volume. This KT66 has been worked on for years and its performance has been improved as compared to other tubes. Finally, tube 6550 as compared to others is commonly used because it’s available in different nature, dynamics, and full tone.

The type of vacuum tubes chosen solely depends on the outcome that is needed. Disappointments are part of life and therefore it is one’s responsibility to choose what is good to get the best as many of them are there and one can get confused easily.

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