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Did you know that America is the highest consumption of ice cream per person, over 24 liters per year. In the Czech Republic, consumption is only a little over 5 liters per person per year. Come and increase the average of the Czech Republic, we need it. Whether we are after beer in another something pleasant and we lead among foreign competitors.
The Czech market is traditionally heavily seasonal and very dependent on the weather, unlike other European countries. Join and increase the consumption of ice cream and start to treat the ice cream as a delicacy, deserves it. And you deserve to enjoy only quality and not substitute products.
Control is important
It is very important that a thorough inspection of the quality of the ice cream and its entire production process and final inspection be carried out regularly. We guarantee we can and offer our customers only a hundred percent quality. We don't want to discourage our customers and we want you to be satisfied with our quality.

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